The Why

Building on a life of service.

The Why behind the VIP Foundation is very simple; Jay Barbour has the biggest heart. His desire to answer the call to give is engrained in him like breathing is to everyone else. A Marine Veteran, Jay has built a life on service, with his business accomplishments always taking a back seat. 

As giving became part of the fabric of his life, Jay realized that creating a foundation would help him to serve the most people. With each dollar donated, Jay can feel the depth of the Foundation’s impact. Throughout the state of Arizona, there is need and the Foundation aims to fill that need through charitable giving. 

Through Jay’s success as the owner and president of VIP Mortgage, his desire to give grows with each loan closed. Whether it be to a cause that has touched Jay directly or a cause that has touched a friend, family member, or employee, the desire to be part of the solution is who Jay is. So the Why really is simple. Why not? 

You don't need a reason to help people - VIP Foundation

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Every contribution to VIP Foundation has a direct impact on the lives of others. Please use this form to make your secure online donation.